Telephone Access: The majority of health issues are best dealt with in consultation and it is considered the best practice for medical issues to be dealt with in this context. Due to time constraints and the priority given to patients, our doctors have limited time to respond to phone messages and requests for return phone calls. In the event of an emergency, a doctor will always be available to give appropriate advice and suggestions. Our staff are experienced in helping all patients as to whether a matter requires an appointment, a return phone call or urgent advice. PHONE 9746 7789 for appointments

Reminder System: This practice offers a reminder system for blood tests, immunisations and Pap Smears. Please inform your GP if you would like a reminder for your tests.

Cultural Awareness: This practice is now working towards the collection and recording of Indigenous status of patients. Please inform your GP or reception if you are of Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Referrals: Our doctors are competent at handling all common health problems. Our doctors prefer to discuss your health issues with you in Consultation in the first hand and discuss the need for specialist opinion when necessary. Thus, patients requesting referrals will be required to make an appointment.

Sickness Certificates: A certificate may only be issued after a patient has been examined by a doctor. Thus, patients requesting a sickness certificate are required to make an appointment. No backdated certificates will be issued.

Prescriptions: It is considered best medical practice for repeat scripts to be issued in a consultation when the doctor can decide whether continuing therapy is appropriate. Thus patients requesting prescriptions will require an appointment. Urgent scripts will be given at the discretion of the doctor. No scripts will be taken down by administration staff over the phone.

No Smoking Policy: This practice is a smoke free workplace and is committed in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all staff and patients.

Fee Structure: All Medicare and  Veteran Card Holders are Bulk Billed for General Practitioner Consultations. Others will be charged the schedule fees which are below the fees recommended by the Australian Medical Association. These fees are on display in the waiting room.

Medical Records: All records in this practice are maintained and stored in a strictly confidential and secure manner.

Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy can be viewed in the waiting room and is also available from reception on request.

PHONE 9746 7789 for appointments